Owner and CEO

Gilad was always obsessed with great customer service and brands. Since he was a little boy he had the opportunity to watch his dad in Israel doing what Gilad is doing today with CPE Roofing. 

CPE Roofing is a result of hard work and determination and created by people that love and trust each-other and worked together for years in the Roofing industry  before creating CPE Roofing. 

Gilad also is lucky to have the support and love of his wife Ortal. 


Tony is all about knowledge. The moment he met Gilad and knew together they can change the roofing industry, he was hard at work making sure he knows the ins and outs of his craft. With his natural born leader skill set and fire like no other, Tony makes sure every customer gets all the info and the best experience there is!

Director of Daily Operations

Cody is the gentle giant. He provides the calm in a very intense and dynamic business and that is why his job is to ensure our customers are happy from start to finish. 

Dennis RALON
CPE Hero

Dennis showed CPE Roofing from day one how much passion and dedication he has to always take care of his customers at the highest level. He is very detailed oriented and applies that daily!

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